Meet our Team

Indars Stairs is a family owned company that would be nothing without its dedicated team members - some of whom have been working at Indars for over a decade. Meet them all below. 


Al the Stairman, OWner

Al grew up on a farm in eastern Connecticut repairing the buildings and making tree houses. He graduating from UConn with a degree in psychology, but after working in the field for a short time decided he would rather go back to working with his hands. He worked doing home renovations for several years and even built a few complete homes - including his own. From there he began to specialize in stair installation, which he has been doing now for the past 30+ years. He bought Indars Stairs in 2001 and has managed it ever since. He has a passion for solving problems, designing stairs and turning raw materials into a beautiful staircase. In this work he has found his identity as a true artisan. He is happy to have worked with so many clients, many of whom have become repeat customers. He is also grateful for his amazing staff, some of whom have been working with him for over a decade.


Kellie Monroe, Office Manager 

Kellie is Al's foster daughter. When he bought Indars stairs in 2001 Kellie came on board as temporary office help. Seventeen years later she has become an integral part of the Indars team. She manages the books, ensures that the shop is OSHA compliant, assists with insurance audits, and does numerous other things to keep Indars running smoothly.  

Mike Monroe

Mike Monroe, Shop Manager

Mike is Kellie's husband and has been working for Indars for about ten years. He started out as a Shop Assistant and grew into his current position as the Shop Manager. He loves working for Indars because it's a small company and he really feels like a special part of the Indars family. He says that because it's such a small company he knows that everyone relies on him so it makes him try more and work harder than he might at a bigger company. Thanks to Mike's management, Indars is able to turn out beautifully crafted and painted stair kits ready to install quickly and efficiently.


Zach Manning, Shop Assistant

Zach is Al's nephew and grew up on the same farm as he did, similarly learning and practicing mechanical abilities from a young age. He went to school to be a carpenter and worked for Indars for a while several years ago. Now he's back assisting Mike in the shop to manufacture custom stair parts.

Jerris Bueller

Jarus lazeski, installer

Jarus spent 12 years designing and installing netting around the world for Al's old neighbor and good friend, Ed Ritz at InCord. Jarus came to work at Indars so that he could be closer to home and spend time more time with his son. He has been learning the tricks of his new trade with Al the Stairman for a little over a year now.